Q: What are LEDs?

A: LEDs are Light-Emitting Diodes.

Q: Are the Light Source Solution’s LED modules only for use with channel letter signs?

A: No. In addition to signage use, Light Source Solution’s LED modules may be used as a backlight replacement for fluorescent lights. They may also be utilized to illuminate box signs as well as back-lit light box displays.

Q : Can I retro fit my current retail display fixtures?

A : Yes. Contact us so that our technicians can evaluate your current applications and see how Light Source Solution can retro fit your current retail display fixtures.

Q: What brand LED chips does Light Source Solutions use?

A: Light Source Solutions only uses name-brand LED chips.  Depending on the series of module, we use either Samsung, LG, or Solleds.  You won’t find a generic LED chip in any of our products. 

Q: How much electricity do the LED modules use?

A: Electricity consumption will vary depending on the number of LED modules installed, but on average it is about 50%-60% less than traditional neon signs and about 50% less than traditional fluorescent lights.

Q: Are Light Source Solution’s LED modules expensive?

A: No! Light Source Solution’s LED modules are about half the price of other competing LED modules. With our manufacturing plant located in close proximity to the Samsung LED manufacturing plant, we are able to minimize any middle-man fees. This allows us to pass the savings on to our clients and provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Q: For the White 3 LED product, how many modules would be required for a sign?

A: Two 3 LED modules will cover an area of about 1 ft in length and about 5 inches in width.

Q: How do I determine the capacity of the power supply to use?

A: We can calculate it for you. For example, one White 3 LED module will consume about 0.72W. If 100 White 3 LED modules are being used, then the calculation is:

  •  100 Modules (White 3 LED) x 0.72W + 30% Safety Factor = 93.6W
  •  So you would need a 100W power supply.

* Please Note: Many power supplies have an actual capacity that is lower than their advertised capacity. Therefore, we recommend that you use a credible power supply.

Q: How do Light Source Solution’s LED modules compare to other modules?

A: Light Source Solution’s LED modules are the highest lumen commercially available and are manufactured to illuminate at greater angles than our competitors.  This means that fewer modules are required to light the same area, resulting in reduced cost for  each project.

Q: Do LED lights have a warranty?

A: Yes, our LED modules are covered by an industry-leading warranty (up to 5 years for our E-Series module) for defects in manufacturing! See Our Why LLS Page for more details.

Q: How long does shipping usually take?

A: Shipping time varies between services. Orders are usually processed and shipped the same day before 12 p.m. during a business week. The shipping carriers that we use are United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS).

Q: What is the difference between white, cool white, and warm white?

A: See Chart Below image001-300x218

Q: Do LED lights generate heat?

A: LED lights generate very little heat. That is why LED Lights are so energy efficient.

Q: Can LED lights be used in the outdoor weather such as rain, snow, cold, heat?

A: Yes, LED lights can be used outside at all seasons.

Q: What about color?

A: See Charts Below faqfaq.png