Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are decreasing in popularity, while LED lighting is growing for some very good reasons. In 2009 Australia actually banned incandescent lighting with a 3 year phase out period. This seems to be a growing trend globally. Traditional lighting is simply not as popular as it once was. Environmental and economical concerns are among the most prominent factors in LED lighting’s growing popularity. Here are 4 major benefits of LED lighting over other traditional types of lighting:

1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY. LED lighting only uses about 10% of the energy of incandescent bulbs.

2. NEWER TECHNOLOGY. Incandescent lighting technology is over 100 years old so it lacks the sophistication and benefits of modern lighting advances.

3. LONG LASTING. LED bulbs normally last 50 to 100 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.

4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Fluorescent bulbs contain toxic mercury while LED lighting is very eco-friendly and safe.

LED lighting is the way of the future. Lighting consumes over 20% of the electrical power generated in the U.S. LED lighting offers a more energy efficient lighting sources, which is extremely important for the long term. If you want to learn more about the benefits of LED lighting over traditional lighting, feel free to contact us.