Technical Information

Technical Information & Spec Sheets

Spec sheets for our LED Modules, Power Supplies, and Channel Letters can be viewed and downloaded from this page. Spec sheets are in PDF format and are also available on the item detail pages.

pdf-icon1 E-2SW 65K | LSS-E-2SW (65K)

pdf-icon1 E-2SW 75K | LSS-E-2SW (75K)

pdf-icon1 E-2SW 12K | LSS-E-2SW (12K)

pdf-icon1 E-3SW 12K | LSS-E-3SW (12K)

pdf-icon1 E-3SW 65K | LSS-E-3SW (65K)

pdf-icon1 E-3SB Blue |  LSS-E-3SB

pdf-icon1 E-3SG Green | LSS-E-3SG

pdf-icon1 E-3SR Red | LSS-E-3SR

pdf-icon1 V-3SW 12K | LSS-V-3SW (12K)

pdf-icon1 Mean Well LPV 20 |  LPV-20-12

pdf-icon1 Mean Well LPV 100 | LPV-100-12

pdf-icon1 Power Supply Wiring Diagram | PDF


pdf-icon1 Mean Well LPV 35 |  LPV-35-12

pdf-icon1 Mean Well LPV 60 | LPV-60-12



Channel Letter Example – Click to Enlarge



pdf-icon1 UL Certificate of Compliance | Certificate of Compliance